Estate & Legacy Planning

Without proper Estate Planning, state law will dictate how the assets in your estate will be distributed after you are gone. Having the necessary Estate Planning documents in place is essential to making your life easier. 

Estate Planning is the process of making sure your rights are protected while you are still alive and your final wishes are honored after you are gone. It is a documented process that uses various legal mechanisms to protect your assets, protect your family, and make sure your voice is heard even if you become incapacitated.

Proper Estate Planning:

  • Gives your loved ones a plan to follow when you and/or your spouse are gone.
  • Ensures your dependent children and elderly family members are cared for according to your wishes.
  • Protects your assets and keeps them under your control while you are alive and provides for asset distribution according to your wishes after you are gone.
  • Helps reduce the tax burden on your beneficiaries.
  • Maintains your desired level of privacy for your financial affairs, even after you are gone.
  • Puts a shield around your beneficiaries’ pre-planned distributions to keep them intact.
  • Allows you to use your assets to leave a lasting legacy for your family and society as a whole.

Legacy Planning takes the concept of Estate Planning one step further. It allows you to incorporate your morals, beliefs, and ideals into your comprehensive Estate Plan. Legacy Planning also allows you to make a big impact in your community through the gifts you donate to charities in your Estate Plan.

Contact us to learn about the strategies used to protect your Estate and Legacy. 

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