Asset Protection

What if you or your spouse died prematurely before retirement?

What if you or your spouse became too sick or hurt to work?

What would happen if you made one small mistake and you were sued?

We utilize innovative financial strategies and tools to protect your Financial World from the threats that lead to economic loss.  These threats are definable, predictable and measurable risks, any one of which can destroy the value of the assets you have worked so hard to build.  Your wealth can only grow when there are no adverse obstacles.

If you own substantial assets or a business, it carries the responsibility of examining methods to safeguard them from others who would seek to transfer it from you to themselves and use the courts as a tool of that wealth transfer.

We will educate you on the importance of Asset Protection because protecting your earnings is critical in ensuring your ability to save for retirement.  More specifically, we protect you from the 9 Wealth Eroding Factors (threats) in an effort to preserve your ability to accumulate wealth for retirement. Contact us to learn what these threats are, and better yet, how to protect against them.

If you are retired or nearing your retirement age, your retirement income assets need protection as well. If a significant amount of your retirement assets are tied directly to the performance of the stock market – like 401(k) and Traditional IRA accounts – you run the risk of an untimely and long-lasting stock market downturn devastating your future income, which will require adjustments to your current or planned lifestyle. This is a common fear of nearly 35% of Americans.

We will educate you on Optimal Financial Tools that 1) provide Safety & Protection from long-lasting stock market downturns, 2) provide guarantees for Wealth Accumulation, and 3) maximize Retirement Income for Life.

After years of hard work building your retirement assets for the lifestyle you dreamed of, you will appreciate having “Financial Peace of Mind” throughout your retirement years.

Contact us to learn about the strategies we implement to eliminate this financial fear.

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